About Us

We are Kennington Memory Club, Oxford, a Day Care Centre opened in 2018 for people living with Dementia. 

We are located in Kennington, a village between Oxford and Abingdon. We serves an area of Oxfordshire that includes Abingdon and surrounding villages, as well as those to the South and West of Oxford.

We were founded by a group of people concerned about the local facilities for people living with dementia and their careers. The group used their combined skills to find funding, a venue and volunteers to be able to offer a day centre twice a week for those in need.

We are registered charity no. 1179830

Our aims are:

  • To provide safe and supportive day care for people with dementia.
  • To allow individual strengths and abilities to flourish.
  • To provide members with the opportunity to exchange memories and opinions.
  • To provide members with the opportunity to take part in stimulating activities tailored to their needs and wishes.
  • To enable members to enjoy the fellowship of shared meals.
  • To give their families respite and the offer of support and advice.

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